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2. Installation

iMath is hosted at SourceForge.

2.1 How to obtain iMath

The CVS web interface. You can also download a source.tgz and binary packages from the iMath project page.

2.2 Requirements

To compile and use iMath, the GiNaC, CLN, GMP and EQC libraries are required, as well as the standard C++ development libraries, flex and bison. Information about these libraries can be found at the GiNaC library homepage, CLN library homepage and EQC library homepage. Compilation has been tested with EQC 1.4.0 using g++-4.4. Older versions will most probably not work.

2.3 Compilation and installation

In order to compile and install iMath on your system, type the following in the base directory of the iMath distribution:

% ./configure
% make
% make install

Since iMath uses autoconf you should have no trouble compiling it. Should you run into problems please report them to the the author.

2.4 Cross-compiling for Windows

iMath can be cross-compiled for windows by installing the mingw32 package. The following steps are necessary to build iMath for windows under Debian GNU Linux:

2.5 Binary packages

If all this is too complicated for you, RPM and Debian packages have been released on SourceFourge. They are accessible on the iMath project page.

2.6 Bugs

Known bugs

Reporting bugs

Please report all bugs to the author. You should include the following information:

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